Emergency Reporting supports more than 100 USMC, Navy, Air Force, and Army bases with fire, EMS and/or VISION™ risk assessment records management software and reporting services.

Contract No. GS-35F-0377S

Reporting Systems, Inc., trade name Emergency Reporting, was awarded a five-year term Federal Supply Service Information Technology Schedule 70 contract by the General Services Administration (GSA). The contract expires April 4th, 2021.

Government customers, under the GSA contract, are provided with direct access to Emergency Reporting information technology services. Using the Emergency Reporting price schedule, government procurement officers can quickly procure Emergency Reporting products at pre-determined discount prices.

Government customers may utilize Emergency Reporting services under the following Special Item Numbers:

Special Item Number 132.33: Perpetual Software License
Special Item Number 132.34: Software Maintenance
Special Item Number 132.51: Description of IT Services

GSA Point of Contact: Lee J. Kleve


Toll-free U.S: 866-773-7678
International: 360-647-6003

Fax: (360) 676-7128