Our support team is here for you.


Our support team is here to guide and familiarize you with using our system. We can help you:

  • Learn to use Emergency Reporting’s many tools
  • Understand state and federal reporting requirements
  • Find ways to focus on data that will make for more meaningful reports

Our support team can examine your custom account settings with you, looking for ways to simplify and strengthen:

  • Internal reporting
  • Data entry
  • Process management

We will work with you in person and behind the scenes to:

  • Help manage your data exports
  • Act as a liaison between your agency and data collection entities
  • Import data from your previous system More Info

We're here for more than just technical support! Our team takes proactive measures to:

  • Pre-configure your account to meet local reporting requirements
  • Ensure data security
  • Anticipate and resolve questions from data collection entities
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Compare ER

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