NFIRS Only Software PackageNFIRS Software Reporting Package

NFIRS Reporting Software

The NFIRS only package features NFIRS reporting integrated with a few select modules.

Package includes these modules

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Create, control and maintain the master data and settings that integrate our system into your daily operations.

  • Customize the system to define Daily Log functionality, Apparatus, Divisions, Stations, Shift/Rank structures and more.
  • Modify user access to the system
  • Configure mutual aid calls with neighboring agencies
  • Generate NFIRS, NEMSIS, billing and other data exports and submit them to the appropriate agencies.


Daybook offers many benefits, including the ability for individuals with system access to receive daily notifications to match their preferences and unique job responsibilities. These notifications contain links directly to the appropriate records or modules, and may include:

  • Messages from HQ and other agency personnel, like critical safety alerts and equipment-out-of-service notices
  • Specific Incident and Patient care reports that require the individual’s attention
  • NFIRS and/or NEMSIS export status
  • Scheduled and overdue Occupancy Inspections, with optional filters
  • Overdue and Scheduled Training, with optional filters

Personnel may also manually enter, track and report on other activities, like physical fitness sessions, garage maintenance, department holiday parties and more!


Incidents (NFIRS)

We pre-load your account with dropdown lists of all necessary NFIRS and NEMSIS Gold codes and descriptions, so you can select and auto-fill fields from them throughout the system.

  • Our system walks report submitters through each step of the reporting process
  • A status bar at the top of your screen tracks your progress to completion
  • The system verifies which sections are in compliance with NFIRS and NEMSIS requirements and which ones need additional information.
  • If an incident report needs more information, an Authorize page will provide links to the specific page and section that requires attention, with suggestions for completing it.

Our goal is to help you create every run report with 100% NFIRS and NEMSIS compliance, and in most cases, to automatically submit those records to your local, state and federal data collection agencies.



With Emergency Reporting, your agency can quickly and easily run real-time reports. We simplify station management with pre-loaded reports for organization and control of information. Can’t find a report? Customize your own by submitting a report request to our development team!

Some of the more popular reports include:

  • Average Response Time for Agency for Year Range
  • Breakdown of Major Incident Types
  • Daily Log Items for Station
  • Hours Spent per Activity Code for Agency
  • Hours Worked for Personnel
  • Incidents for Personnel
  • Training Hours for Personnel

Google maps upgrade available
Learn more about new integration with Google Maps
  • Map Incidents, Hydrants and Occupancies by Type
  • Use Advanced Filtering to Pinpoint Incidents Categorically
  • Color-Coded Hydrants by GPM Volume Per NFPA 291

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