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NFIRS Reporting Software

Emergency Reporting supports more than 100 USMC, Navy, Air Force, and Army bases with fire, EMS and/or VISION™ risk assessment records management software and reporting services.

Key aspects of the services for DoD customers include:

  • Zero footprint on military workstations and servers.
  • No software or updates needed for certification, which is a big cost savings compared to other solutions.
  • Plus-one aircraft incident codes included automatically.
  • Unlimited users, with individual welcome page, per agency.
  • All IT functions (backup, upgrades, etc.) performed by ER.
  • 100% Web-based; does not require any plug-ins or other software to be installed on local hardware.
  • Accessible from anywhere there is an Internet connection.
  • Supports multiple stations in various locations without additional internal hardware and/or support required.
  • Excellent reports for administrators.
  • Performance tracking of various tasks for the department.
  • Optional Risk Assessment module helps departments meet DoD and civilian Accreditation requirements.
  • Local departments can tailor how much data to share with their own headquarters and other DoD fire departments.


To learn more about Emergency Reporting DoD services, please contact a .

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