What We Do

Emergency Reporting gives first responders the freedom to collect and manage data online from anywhere.

We are in the business of innovating and supporting the best in web-based fire, EMS and risk assessment records management and reporting services. Authorized users benefit from the secure cloud computing environment for NFIRS and NEMSIS incident reports, communicating with others within the agency or sharing data with “friend” agencies, tracking hydrant and apparatus maintenance, running data reports and much more.

To see firsthand what we do, please request a FREE TRIAL account. Upon verification, you will receive login privileges to the Emergency Reporting system.

Here’s a brief summary of what we do:

  • Validate incident data prior to submitting them on agency's behalf to state or federal government
  • Provide unlimited user accounts per agency
  • Manage all system hardware and software in a secure environment
  • Encrypt all data submissions and exports
  • Maintain or exceed HIPAA-compliant requirements and regulations
  • Manage all system enhancements and upgrades
  • Create new system enhancements based on customer suggestions
  • Provide friendly customer support services
  • Manage online tutorials, videos and materials available to all customers
  • Provide online and onsite training options
  • Migrate data from old software system to Emergency Reporting
  • Create and post custom reports based on customer suggestions
  • Preload customer accounts with powerful default codes
  • Assist customers during initial account setup process
  • Provide system for posting critical notifications and other alerts to agency users
  • Make customer data available for download 24/7
  • Offer CAD link services from dispatch option
  • Offer EMS billing link to billing software solution option
  • Provide free technical support