Google Maps Integration

Posted: August 23rd, 2011  /  Back To News & Events

Web-based fire and EMS systems management firm Emergency Reporting, which serves more than 50,000 first responders worldwide with its revolutionary cloud-based software, makes another technological leap forward today with the announcement of its new product integration with Google Maps. Long recognized as the leader in web-based mapping, Google Maps will lend its high-res satellite imagery and mapping technologies to the world of fire and EMS first responders through Emergency Reporting. The Google Maps addition couples the benefits of Google’s highly refined mapping system with the impressive data collection capabilities of Emergency Reporting to produce a hybrid of visual analytics.

Among the features of this product integration is the ability to map data such as incident locations, building occupancy information, and hydrant location and testing records. Emergency Reporting COO Adrian Mintz states that the product features, which allow users to pinpoint incidents through advanced searching filters and even color-code them by type, will be an invaluable assessment tool.

“This is a research and management tool,” states Mintz, “You can map hazards, hydrants and OVAP scores geographically and tie them together in a visual representation. You can see where your risks are. This allows users to get in front of the problems; the idea is not to just respond, but prevent.”

Using this system, Mintz states that first responders will be able to identify and remedy high risk areas within their communities. For example, by mapping hydrants and structure fires together, firefighters can identify areas in which a lack of water supply or poor hydrant flow have caused problems in response effectiveness in the past. This type of information is not only useful in first response but in effective city planning and to lower city insurance ratings.

Emergency Reporting, a web-based reporting service is already ahead of the game by allowing users to log into its secure system from any supported internet browser, making the system portable. The Google Maps integration will be an instrumental addition to this high-end system and is available as an upgrade to any of Emergency Reporting’s fire, EMS and risk assessment packages.