Past, Present, and Future

While working as a volunteer firefighter in Sedro-Woolley, Washington, Adrian Mintz owned a consulting company that provided Geographic Information Systems (GIS) consulting. He had the bright idea to build a web-based data-gathering tool for a local EMS agency he had contracted with on a project. Adrian contacted Dave Adams who owned a web development firm in order to build the web application. Realizing there may be a future demand for online reporting, they formed Emergency Reporting in January 2003. Within several months, Emergency Reporting had their first fire department customers and an endorsement from the California State Fire Fighters Association. The rest as they say is history.


Emergency Reporting made major advancements with the basic incident reporting system by integrating the NHTSA 2.0 NEMSIS dataset standard with the NFIRS data set. Emergency Reporting was the first in the country to offer web-based NFIRS and NEMSIS fully integrated with modules for daily operations. The company continues its commitment to the standard as NEMSIS moves into its Version 3 standards.

GSA Approval

Emergency Reporting became an approved vendor on the GSA Schedule under contract number GS-35F-0345S (Reporting Systems, Inc.). The GSA Schedule allows government entities to purchase Emergency Reporting services direct with no competitive bid.


Emergency Reporting was awarded NEMSIS Silver (currently Gold) Certification. Our customers receive all NEMSIS updates at no cost or effort.


Emergency Reporting received the NEMSIS Gold Certification. The certification validated our solution as the only online system with NEMSIS Gold, NFIRS, Risk Assessment, all capable of being fully integrated with 17 useful modules for daily operations.

County-Wide Solutions

Emergency Reporting is in a unique position to provide value for stations on a county-wide basis. We have setup a number of these arrangements—often with a CAD integration—providing an especially cost-effective solution for those customers.


Emergency Reporting continues to develop Application Programming Interfaces (API) for its system to interact with other vendors and partners. These integrations allow Emergency Reporting to grow in value, saving departments time and money. We constantly meet with other companies to explore whether or not these links make sense for our mutual customers.

VISION Risk Assessment

Emergency Reporting, working with the CFAI (Commission Fire Accreditation International), released VISION risk-assessment software to support the CPSE accreditation process.

Widespread Adoption

In 2008 Emergency Reporting celebrated five years of business. What started as a good idea had grown into a reporting and records management solution for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, NASA, airports, CDC, a nuclear power facility, ambulance services, hospitals, oil refineries and other agencies with first response capabilities world-wide. The system is also capable of using CAC cards for user authentication.

Spillman Partnership

Key developments in 2010 included Emergency Reporting establishing strategic relationships with Spillman Technologies, Inc. and MED3000, Inc. The relationships provided first response customers with valuable interface tools for real-time CAD data input and EMS billing data exports.

Mobile Apps

Emergency Reporting begins testing and development of mobile apps for smartphones and tablets. The company has a number of mobile product offerings on iOS and Android devices. Emergency Reporting remains committed to the creating more opportunities to use our system on mobile devices.

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