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How long have you been in business?
Emergency Reporting is a privately held company based out of Bellingham, Washington. We were incorporated in Washington State in January 2003.
How can I learn even more about the company?
For more information, visit or watch our videos on youtube.
Why should we choose you instead of installed software?
Our web-based software is accurate and easy to use. We give you dynamic NFIRS data validation, unlimited concurrent user capability, free updates, free tech support, NFIRS + NEMSIS data integration and superior customer support!
What is "web-based software" or "cloud-computing"?
Emergency Reporting hosts the fire, EMS and VISION™ risk assessment records management and reporting software application at a secure Data Center. You can access your data online from anywhere. There is no software installation required on the user's computer (other than a web browser).
Is the Internet safe for transferring data?
Yes. Emergency Reporting encrypts data transferred from our Data Center to clients anywhere via the Internet. The encryption process is the same process used for securing credit card information and other confidential and sensitive information.
Can data from other fire or EMS software be imported in Emergency Reporting?
Yes, and for most cases it’s free! Emergency Reporting regularly imports data from NFIRS, hydrants, personnel, occupancies, apparatus and equipment files from other fire software companies. More info
Can Emergency Reporting interface with our CAD?
Emergency Reporting works with many CAD vendors to transmit data directly from the CAD system into the incident report. Contact a representative today for more details.
Is the system NFIRS compliant?
Yes. Emergency Reporting is an authorized Active Vendor recognized by the U.S. Fire Administration. Emergency Reporting updates the system to meet NFIRS requirements as needed at no cost. The upgrades will not require you to improve hardware or install software.
Is the system NEMSIS Gold compliant?
Yes. Emergency Reporting captures the data per the NEMSIS Gold data set standard; however, your state may require additional data. Please contact an Emergency Reporting representative to see if EMS data export to your state office is available.
Can you link to our EMS billing company?
Yes, most likely we can encrypt and transfer EMS data directly from your account to the EMS billing party. In fact, we have partners who you may consider for handling your EMS billing, in which case they will pay for your agency to use Emergency Reporting services!
We have 15 different agencies in our fire district, can you service all our departments separately and collectively with reports?
Yes. Emergency Reporting is able to support multiple agencies within a fire district. Contact a representative for references and a demonstration of how this works.
We have several people who want to enter data at the same time, is that possible?
Yes, the system allows multiple concurrent users to complete reports, enter data and otherwise fully access and use the system at the same time.
How do I report my NFIRS fire reports to the state?
In some states, the fire marshal requires each agency to submit its own reports:
  1. After you click the Export button, our system will email your reports to any active email address you designate
  2. The report recipient(s) can then manually upload your files to the state and/or FEMA
In other states, the fire marshal allows us to act on your behalf:
  1. After you click the Export button, our system will also email your reports directly to the appropriate local, regional or state NFIRS offices
  2. Those offices will process and submit your reports to FEMA for you
No matter where you are located, your exported reports are also available for immediate download from our system.

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